Thanks members for your patience and we appreciate the challenges and effects of COVID 19 that you have gone through including our club. Let us also thank the lord for the survivors including our club administrators and sorry for those that lost their loved ones in the struggle against the pandemic. It is upon common well known facts that the club was not exceptional to these challenges and effects of COVID 19. We are happy with our government programmes of mass COVID 19 vaccination and we encourages you our members to take it serious as a safety measure for your health. we want you a live at any cost. Its upon common known facts of the last 2 years, that our club went mute on its activities due to strains by government to control COVID 19 and its effects. It is ease for some members to think we would have continued since we are online but it was not possible since above 80% of our members have not adopted basic technologies for example our membership is above 4000 but those on our social media platforms are less than 400 and those who are able to visit our website are less than 1000 and those who are able to operate their accounts online are less than 100. and even these few who try to be online, do it with a lot of support from our staff. Our admin went in the survival mode to take caution for their dear lives and so the support to the members online was not possible till we accepted the fact of "stay at home and stay safe". However, we are excited about mass vaccination which will enable us operate though with caution to continue serving the interests of the members, which range from completing the stalled projects and paying returns to their investments. We have drafted a good program that will guide the future of our club and the administration has taken keen care in making it. But as a principle of the club we are to present it to the members for consent, advise and support before implementation. This will be by different methods like tele conferencing, social platforms, emails, and physical meeting with small groups at different location on notification. Members we have put in too much and so we can't wait to see the success of our club. My humble request is that you continue embracing club programmes in order to have a smooth come back to the glorious times. thanks and encourage you to share this info >>>>>>>>>>> <<<<< makwasi <<<>>> Sam>>>>>> Vice President. Call/whatsapp 0703336202


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We are a group of individuals and/or entities that have come together to share the same notion of pooling resources together to raise capital for viable investment venture. We do it in an organized way, by contributing into a common pool through the collection systems of the club like banks, mobile money, BTC, TBC. The club has a stable executive committee headed by Mr Bahati Sam as the president. We thank you and welcome to the club of committed investors.

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