Club objectives

The objects for which the club is established shall be:-

  1. To mobilize investing capital from its members by way of online contribution to online Uganda investment club fund accounts and to encourage members to own crypto wallets and save in the global financial system of bit coins in every possible way.
  2. To give returns to members from their capital invested according to the club membership taken with itsterms and conditions as signed by the members.
  3. To carry on, develop and improve any trade business whether manufacturing or otherwise which may seem to the investment club capable of being conveniently carried on in connection with its objectives herein or calculated directly or indirectly to enhance the value or render more profitable any of the investment club’s property, assets or rights.
  4. To invest the club funds in such ways as are financially profitable be it in online trading, stock markets, buildings and other related ventures and for this matter to engage in property and estate development, habitat, environment and real property development and to deal with other housing and development concerns in Uganda.
  5. For the realization of the above objectives the club may do all acts permissible under regulations there under these bye-laws or any enactment of Parliament.
  6. Political interference shall be kept out of the investment club but members of all political leanings can be members if they fulfill the required qualifications for membership.
  7. To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the investment club objects or any of them or the performance of its functions.


  1. Any person or legal entity who has an email, phone numbers, coin wallet, has an account with TBC global and he is of sound mind.
  2. Age; You can be a member from 12 years and above and be involved in the club activities except labour and investing which is allowed to members who are 18 years and above.
  3. All applicants for membership shall;
    1. Apply online for admission giving their names, email, contact and their referral who has seconded their membership.
    2. They shall be seconded and affirmed by at least one existing and fully paid up members of the online Uganda investment club. This provision shall not apply to the founder members.
  4. Membership shall cease when a member;
    1. Dies
    2. Is expelled from the online Uganda investment club by the online General Meeting.
    3. Is declared an un discharged, bankrupt or a criminal under the Law
    4. When they have been repaid all the amount standing to their credit as members
    5. Fails to pay the required monthly contributions or admin fees for 90 days.


There shall be an Executive Committee which shall be the controlling authority of Online Uganda investment club and shall conduct the day to day business of the Investment club Such Committee shall not exceed nine people considering gender balance but shall consist of the following:

  1. The president
  2. Chief finance,
  3. Chief mobilizing officer,
  4. Secretary,
  5. Chief investment,
  6. Chief ICT,
  7. Chief procurement and disposal,
  8. Chief ICT,
  9. Chief women and youths


  1. The persons elected to the committee shall be people with the following qualifications:-
    1. Above eighteen years old
    2. A fully registered member of online Uganda investment club
    3. Of sound mind
    4. Not convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude
    5. Not in debt to online Uganda investment club other than in respect of a loan lawfully acquired.
    6. Of high integrity and moral standing within investment club
    7. With a fixed place of abode within the area of operation

  2. No person shall be appointed or be a member of the committee who is convicted of any offence involving fraud or dishonesty or otherwise declared insolvent or bankrupt under any law in force in Uganda.
  3. FUNDS

    1. Contributions from members,
      1. Founder members only shall be allowed to contribute to the reserve fund of the club. This fund will be determined every year by the founder members according the need of the fund at a given time.
      2. Member’s contribution, this is a fund raised by the members towards a give cause as communicated by the governing committee. This will be voluntary contribution.
      3. Admin fee, this is a subscription required by members periodically as designed by the administration
    2. Investing money, this is the money contributed by members for investing activities as entrusted money with the admin for investing with expected return on the investment as designed and communicated from admin from time to time. This money is a voluntary contribution to the clubs account for investment.
    3. Exchanger, this is a requirement as online Uganda investment club’s members are also members of the online global financial system (the billion coins). Hence for any investment plus return to be paid into your wallet you will be required to transfer equal online into our exchanger’s online wallet as requested by the system at the time of exchange.
    4. Financial info, any member is free to access his/her account info concerning transaction pertaining of the club’s business limited to the member.
    5. Trade currencies, the official trade currencies include;
      1. The billion coins
      2. US dollar
      3. Bit Coins
      4. Kenya shillings
      5. Uganda shillings. And admin may add on whenever it’s necessary.
    6. Transaction mode; the purpose of club is to promote electronic money in all forms, that is why most of the financial transaction will be in electronic form let it be payment or receipts in all currencies put on the system of the club. These will include; the billion coinss, Bit coins, mobile money etc.For exception of the cash transactions will still be recorded in the electronic mode and for this the admin will design means of assisting non electronic compliant members as they adopt the club’s system.


    The investment club shall have a first and paramount lien upon all monies in respect of the fund standing to the credit of any member for his/her debts, liabilities and engagements to and with the investment club and the committee may at anytime appropriate use any such monies for the credit and reduction of debts and liabilities of that member and there after no bonus shall be payable on any money so appropriated


    The founder members of the club shall play the role of directing the club. These members shall be the board of directors to the club and their actions shall be resolution. Their contribution towards the club shall be above forty percent. The head of the club shall be the club president, who presides over the nine member committee as stated under this article Except at formation of the club where executive committee will be formed by the promoters of the club.

    a) Election of exwcutive committee members :-

    1. Members of the committee shall be elected and suspended or removed only by a majority of members present and voting at a general meeting
    2. The procedure for election of successive Committee members shall be determined by the first General meeting and shall be incorporated in these provisions to be read together with as part of these rules.
    3. The Committee shall hold office for two years but retiring members shall be eligible for election for another one other terms only.
    4. Should a vacancy on the Committee occur before the general meeting is held the Committee shall co-opt a member of the investment club who fulfils the qualifications hereinto fill such vacancy until the next general meeting
    5. A member of the Committee may be removed from office by ordinary resolution of the investment club passed at a General meeting for in ability to perform the functions of their office or any other sufficient cause including:-
      1. Ceasing to hold membership qualification according to these Bye laws.
      2. Failure to attend three consecutive Committee meetings without assigning good reason therefore
      3. Being a person of unsound mind.
    6. A Committee member may otherwise resign from the Committee by writing under their hand to the president but resignation does not of itself bar the resigning member from continuing as a member of the investment club

    b) Election of the president:-

    The president shall be election by the 9 committee members who form the executive. The voting will be done at meeting by the secret ballot. Even the contestants are legible to vote. In case, there are more than 2 contestants each committee member will forward 3 names making 27 ordinary member from which the 7 will be randomly picked to join the executive in the elections.


    • The contestant for the election of the president must be the member of the executive committee,
    • He/she must be of age above 25 years and bellow 60years
    • Must have a minimum education qualification of bachelor’s
    • The contestant should be running the contest for the first or second time in the subsequent elections.
    • A former president may contest after 3 consecutive terms after his/her term of office.

    c) Meetings:-

    The meeting will be commonly held online using online meeting venues like whatsapp, where official group accounts will be opened and members will be added on according to you category and these will include;

    • . Executive committee meetings
    • Adopted committees meetings
    • General forum for all members

    Member is not allowed to leave a group unless blocked by the admin but signing out of the group could result into cancellation of your members from the club.

    And for the committees in a) and b) above sign out may mean resignation from the office held and membership may also be cancelled.

    d) Powers and duties of the committee

    1. The Committee shall have full power to conduct and manage the affairs of the investment club in all things according to their discretion and subject only to the provisions of these rules.
    2. The committee may appoint subcommittees for the performance of different functions of the investment club including but not limited to;
      • Finance and administration
      • Membership and mobilization
      • These committees may co-opt nonmembers with specialized knowledge to advise them as needed.
    3. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing provisions the Committee shall have power to:-
      • Make, repeal or vary these bye-laws for the proper conduct of the business of the investment club provided that such rules shall be approved by the Annual General Meeting and ratified by the Registrar of Documents.
      • Authorize the use of all forms, instruments and other documents which it may deem necessary for the proper conduct of the business for the investment club;
      • Make regulations for the conduct of its own meetings.
      • Shall provide for professional personnel to run the businesses of the Investment club and shall be at liberty whenever they find it necessary to engage the expert services of such persons as they shall require from time to time.
      • The Committee shall appoint such qualified persons to the positions of, Secretary General Manager, operations Manager, an Administration Manager, Accountants, Cashiers and Clerical staff from amongst the members of the investment club or from among such other persons as the Committee may invite from the public and interview, upon such remuneration and for such period and upon such other terms and conditions as shall to the committee be suitable.
      • Make donations, a donation may be given to any organization that the executive committee may consider to be deserving.
      • The Committee shall see to it that the investment club participates in programs that are deemed to add value to the club
      • Shall prepare and keep a register of the members of the investment club for the time being
      • Shall cause minutes to be taken of every meeting of the investment club and such minutes shall be signed by the chairman of the meeting at which they are read and shall as between members of the investment club be conclusive of the facts stated therein.
      • Shall from time to time and on such terms as thinks fit, appoint other officers or employees as maybe expedient for the proper and efficient conduct of the business and functions of the investment club.
      • All acts done by any member of the Committee shall not withstanding that it be afterwards discovered that there was some defect in the appointment of any such member or person acting as aforesaid, or that they or any of them were disqualified, shall be as valid as if every such person had been duly appointed and was qualified and had continued to be a Committee member.


    1. The committee shall prepare books of accounts and prepare records in relation there to and keep at the registered office or at such place or places as the Committee thinks fit and shall always be open to the inspection of the members.
    2. The Committee shall prepare in respect of each financial year a full statement of accounts, including a balance sheet, a statement of income and expenditure and a statement of surplus or deficit and shall cause all statements to be laid down in the General meeting with auditor’s report.
    3. The financial year of the investment club shall be from 1st January to 31st December every calendar year.


    The Committee shall arrange all books, accounts and the records of the investment club to be audited within three months after the end of each financial year by an auditor or auditors who should be members of a recognized accounting body duly appointed by the investment club at their Annual General meeting.


    1. The investment club shall have perpetual succession and a common seal/stamp which shall be kept by the Secretary to the Committee.
    2. The application of the seal/stamp of the investment club on any document shall be authenticated by the signature of at least three officials of the investment club who shall include the president and the General Manager of the investment club.


    Every executive Committee member and other officers of the investment club shall be indemnified out of the funds of the investment club against all liabilities incurred by them in defending any proceedings whether civil or criminal in which judgment is given in their favor or which they are acquitted or in connection with any application in which relief is granted to them by the court.


    Every dispute between the investment club and its members or persons claiming under or on account of members shall be settled by the executive committee and upon failure to reach amicable settlement may seek legal redress.


    No new rule shall be made nor shall any of the rules herein contained or hereafter made be amended or rescinded except by a resolution passed at an Annual General Meeting of the investment club duly convened and held. All additional rules made by the committee shall always be ratified by the General meeting.


    The investment club maybe dissolved in any of the modes that will be agreed upon by the members or by the state law.