This is a very low risk venture with long term returns of up to 45 years. We have a partnership with the expert firm Roseburg international that is handling the project. It’s a team of business experts, Geologists who are taking on the project with knowledge, experience and skill in the same business of mineral exploration and mining. This project is here in Uganda. Currently, under fundraising through buying of STOs (security tokens).

Period Investment Ranges Return Risk 30 Days Ugandan (UGX) 1-365,000,000
Foreigners ($) 1000 – 100,000 50% Very Low

On market: 10,000 Sold Out: 6200 Available: 3800 Buy Now…..! Prices: UGX 1000,000 Deadline: 30/11/2019 Any STOs that remain will be sold in feb,2020 as shares in the public domain of Roseburg.